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I've just bombarded my parents with emails home about a plethora of things!  Here are copies of what I sent.  Also see the weeks homework photo and the important dates to come!  Email me anytime if you need anything!

Bonjour parents and guardians of ECES grade 7F 8F classes!
As most of you know my name is Amanda Merriman and I teach your kids French Immersion Math and Science, English Language Arts, and Health. We are getting settled into our new school routine and learning how thing work in grade 7. I am new to ECES and they have all been very helpful showing me the ropes too! I have told them many times that junior high is a time of growth and maturity and that I will work with them to help them be more responsible for their own work and school life. I am very hopeful for this year and so far we have been off to a good start.
I need to clarify a few things that were sent home in the epic course outline as well as add a few information items.
1. Check out my blog for weekly updates and more about me and our school year ahead!! Make sure to write down the dates for tests and quizzes.
2. No nuts (other than your kids!!). We have a student who is deathly allergic to nuts, especially almonds, so please don’t send any peanut butter, granola bars, cookies, or other treats with any kind of nuts for lunch or snacks.
3. If you have not signed the course outline form for my class please do so and return it ASAP. Also don’t forget about the school forms for going home at lunch, the volunteer survey, and school fees.
4. English copies of science 7 and math 7 text book are available in the library for parents to check out to help with homework at home or students in dire need of help. These are not to be used by the student or brought to school. Also see my blog for useful links in English for both math and science.
5. There will be a few field trips this year. We will let you know more when they get closer and if we need any volunteers.
6. Personal technology use. After talking to Mario Morin and hearing more about the exciting ways he uses technology I am going to allow monitored personal technology use. This means smart phones, tablets, MP3 players, eBooks, cameras, etc. They have to be used openly on top of the desk (no hiding and texting under the desk). They are for research, digital calendars/agendas, taking a picture of the homework board, reading, and listening to music during quiet individual work times. If any of the above becomes a distraction we will have to remove it. If a student is caught on facebook, email, texting, playing games, or anything else inappropriate we will not let these items back into the class for a month and you will be notified. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items and urge students to lock them away in lockers, especially when not in use.
7. See my blog for information on the kid’s gmail accounts. More details to come.
8. CHECK AGENDAS!! They should have all homework and important dates written down in them.
9. Some of the school supplies I need for the students are above and beyond what was on the school’s list. I apologize in advance as the list was made before my coming to the school. So here is my list:
Math – coil ring notebook, 2 duotangs, binder*
Science – Binder, 5 duotangs
ELA – coil ring notebook* for journaling, binder**, book for free reading
Health - coil ring notebook *for journaling, binder**
*They can use the same binder for 2-5 subjects with dividers.
**They can use the same coil ring notebook for ELA and Health.
10. I am BIG on review and learning how to study. The above duotangs are to make study booklets for math and science. The math one will be made up for a “foldable” for each chapter, like a study guide/summary, and the unit quiz. They can use the foldable during tests and quizzes. In science we will put together a review booklet for each of the five units. Details coming soon! They will receive a bonus mark on their test for completion and a final mark on all five at the end of the year.
11. I will be modifying some of my weighting for math. Final marks will be the same but the terms will now be 60% homework and assignments including mathletics and 40% for quizzes and tests. This is to keep the grading distribution for math 7F, 8F1 and 8F2 on the same level between myself and Mlle Skerry who also teaches math 8.
12. You should be able to access your child’s marks, attendance, and comments on Power School soon. If you need login information you have to ask at the office. I will update it religiously once I am able to start using it within the next week or so.
13. About 4 of the kids in my homeroom do not have locks for their lockers and about half of the class do not lock them. My class is not always monitored and we have many groups of kids rotating through. We are not responsible for items kept in lockers and need kids to use their locks.
Thank you to everyone who came out to Meet the Teacher night. If you missed it I think I covered it all in this email! Please feel free to email me anytime with any concerns and I will do the same. Thank you for emailing me and letting me know in advance for any absences.
Make sure to check out the school’s website too and if you have a google calendar you can add our schedule to yours!
I think that is it for now. I am very excited to be teaching your children and am looking forward to a great year together.
Amanda Merriman

Hello all!!
After talking to some parents, staff, and going to my first assembly I have yet another list of things to let you know about!!!
1. The availability of the textbooks in English is very limited so I would like to ask if you need a copy to make sure it is because your child is truly struggling and you are going to need it to help them at home. It is too soon to know who I think could use it so we will see as the year progresses. Just check with me first and then I will send you on down to our lovely librarian.
2. The Power School logins will be mailed out to you shortly. If you haven’t received it within the next two weeks or if it doesn’t work then check with the office.
3. I am a HUGE supporter of the Terry Fox run and think his legacy is so important and can truly teach our children about the difference one person with strong convictions can make. WE are asking each kid to collect “Twoonies for Terry”! If every kid in the school brought a Twoonie we would have well over a thousand dollars!! There is a bin at the front office for the twoonies. If you would like to make a larger donation please send it in an envelope with your child.
4. The office also collects wrist bands from the local pools for draws to encourage physical fitness
5. They also collect Campbell soup labels to hand in for art and school supplies
6. Our daily announcements are posted on the ECES’s website daily. Check it out! Tis the season to sign up for various clubs and sports including cross country, volleyball, , intramurals, library club, cartoon club and more!
7. Students in grade 7 & 8 can leave at lunch to eat at home or elsewhere in the community. For my grade 7s who stay in my homeroom please make sure to clean up after yourselves and I will be encouraging you to have healthy lunches with fresh fruits and veggies as well as garbage-free lunches. I will take note starting next week and as their points build up I will figure out some kind of reward.
8. ELA 7 kids will need small post-it-notes while reading our novel, “The Cay” to make notes or mark pages. No rush. I have some in the mean time.
I know that between this and my previous email it is a lot to take in so please don’t worry. I will email home if I need anything and please keep checking my blog for more information.

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