Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Light Labs

We had an amazing time this week trying out a variety of labs all about light and optics!  It was VERY interesting!

Prisms break white light into the rainbow spectrum and also put it all back together!  Just like Pink Floyd
Additive properties of light
The Electromagnetic Spectrum - A key in understanding this entire lab!
Learning how light blends differently than colour

Check out more about this lab HERE

Using mini lights to blend colours
Now see how the colours combine when you spin them on  a colour wheel!

A green object looks green under white and green light (reflected) but with a red light it looks black-ish

Looking at light through spectrum film show us it's rainbow! - It's SPECTRA!
Comparing the spectra of various light sources

Studying how light converges and diverges with concave and convexe lenses

How do concave and convex mirrors work?
Now studying the laws of reflection with lasers and mirrors.

Check out more about how lasers work HERE

Using a slinky and water to study the properties of waves
You need to know this!

The science of sunsets and wavelength of light.

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