Tuesday, February 26, 2013

More Carnaval Pictures

Here are some more pictures of our 
Winter Carnaval de Quebec!!  

A few faces had to be blurred for FOIP reasons.  

Mrs.Bauer doing a fine job making crepes in her Quebec regalia!

Make sure to go and visit Crepe and Shake Cafe across from Bellevue School!

Le Bonhomme helping with the triple ski


Cabane a sucre or Sugar Shack with maple taffy in the snow!
 Thank you to the Canadian Maple Shack!

Mme. Merriman avec le Bonhomme!

Le Bonhomme playing ballon balaish (broom ball)

Time for some bean-bag toss!

Tobogganing is always fun!

Lovely to have all of these activities in our own school yard!

The tug-o-war was a lot of fun too!

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