Monday, April 29, 2013

Rock Cycle Game

Today we played a game to learn all about the rock cycle.  The kids traveled between seven stations:   clouds, mountain, river, ocean, volcano  earth's interior, and soil.  At each station they would roll the dice and be told where to travel through the rock cycle and diagram their journey as a rock.  It included factors such as erosion, tectonic plate movement and subduction, pressure, magma, and more!  (I just like to say MAGMA like Dr. Evil!!).  

See our rock cycle candy demonstration here.  MMMMMM!!

I got my idea here

Lesson plan printable available here

The large posters and my other rock cycle activities available here


  1. do you have those posters available for teachers to use!! those are so great and so helpful.

    1. You can download them and the game and a few other activities here
      If it doesn't work please email me at

  2. I am going to have mine make a travel that idea!