Friday, September 27, 2013

Earth Box

Today the 7F1 class got to help me plant our Earth Boxes!  (Don't worry 7F2 you get to do the compost garden next week!).  Fall is not the ideal season for planting and as the days get shorter I am not sure if this is going to work.  I piloted an Earth Box project at my old school in Wetaskiwin and it was a huge success.  We had TEN Earth Boxes and were able to grow enough food to have salad and make soup as well as tomatoes for everyone.  This year I have borrowed three boxes (I gave one to Mrs. Buzak) and so we will try our humble garden out.  We will also replant in late January (when I usually plant) and compare to see which garden was more successful.

To learn more about it please see the links
Thank you to everyone who brought seeds.  We planted lettuce, spinach, a variety of herbs, carrots, beets, beans, tomatoes, and all kind of peppers.  I am even bringing in one of my husband's ghost peppers to see if it will keep growing!  HOT!!
First fill the corners and pack it in to form a wick

Next fill them up almost to the top with dirt
keep filling!
sprinkle on the dolomite fertilizer (organic!)
Top it up with more dirt
Make troughs and add fertilizer (organic!)
Pick your seeds and get planting!
So many to pick from!
Attach grow lights and netting for the future then give a gentle water to the top of the dirt.
All watering from now on is done through the tube at the side so it will always be perfectly moist.  

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