Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Photosynthesis of Fall Leaves

We did a great lab today all about photosynthesis and leaves changing colours in the fall.

First we learnt more about what photosynthesis is. 

Then we had to sing the photosynthesis song!  

We drew a lovely diagram about how photosynthesis works (En français pour mes élèves en immersion).  Excuse my weak drawing skills.  We can't be good at everything!!

Next we learnt about why leaves turn colours in the fall.  We watched this brainpop video but if you don't have a subscription you can see a similar one here

Finally we conducted a lab where we used chromatography to separate out the different colours of chlorophyll from leaves.  I found the lab online here and it explains everything in amazing detail!  What a great way to welcome fall and see the science around us!

The kids working on their lab

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