Tuesday, November 12, 2013


A friend of mine, Suzanne, is a doula and has helped me and many of my friends with childbirth.  She attended postpartum training this weekend with none other than Chris Hadfiled's sister, AJ.  Suzanne shared my "enthusiasm" for all things Hadfield with her and I think a laugh or two as well.  I am a little obsessed but I promise it is mostly intellectual inspiration and not creepy.  Well at least I like to think so!  In their discussions AJ generously offered to forward a letter from me directly to Chris Hadfield!  HOW AMAZINGLY GENEROUS IS THAT!!??  I spent an hour or so writing this letter and hope it shares my admiration and hopes of one day thanking him in person.  As I read over it all I see are my grammatical errors but I hope my sincerity and enthusiasm make up for it.

One small step closer to my goal.

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Here is an excerpt from my letter
"As I read the first few chapters of “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth” to them (yet another reward for good behavior) we read about how you set your goals and lived your life so that every decision you made brought you on the path to your dreams. Thinking like an astronaut. And so have we. What would Chris Hadfield do?
This ideology has had a huge impact on my life and that of my students and my own children. Since I’ve started following you online I have had a renewed vigor and passion for teaching. I’ve always loved my job but now I am truly excited to absorb all of the new innovations in the world around me and share them with my students. I have seen both David Suzuki and Jane Goodall speak at the ATA Science Council Conferences and, like you, they both talked about the importance of igniting the spark of science in a child’s heart that will lead them to an innovating and inspired future. I hope to bring that spark to my kids as you and my own teachers have done for me. Our kids are the future and my main goal in life, other than being a good mother, wife and friend, is to ignite that spark."

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