Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Skype with Wolf Haven

Today we were lucky enough to Skype with Wolf Haven International.  I signed up for their Skype in the Classroom session a few weeks ago and have been anticipating the presentation ever since!  Here is what they put as their outline on Skype
Wolves of North America - back from the brink of extinction  Come learn about wolves in North America! Skype with a wolf expert and learn more about this often misunderstood animal.  Wolves once ranged throughout all of North America but due to habitat loss, aggressive predator control programs, and human attitudes about wolves, they were quickly eradicated from almost all of their former range. But what about today? Where can you find wolves? How do they live? And just what good are wolves anyway?  Topics of discussion can include life in the pack; what wolves eat and how they hunt; historic and current ranges; and their role as an apex predator in the ecosystem. Also learn about the critically endangered red wolf and Mexican gray wolf.
 I think it is so important to teach our kids about conservation and our impact on their environment and animal species.  SITC is a perfect way to bring these concepts to life without ever having to leave our classroom.  We learnt about adaptations and their population distribution as well as a variety of conservation initiatives. 

One of the questions we asked was "What can we do to help with wolf conservation?".  He said that education is key.  We need people to know wolves aren't fuzzy dog-like animals that we can befriend nor are they vicious predators ruining the ecosystem and preying relentlessly on livestock.  We need people to know the important role they play in the ecosystem and why we need them to be protected.  

Click here to learn more about Wolf Haven International and even adopt a wolf!


What a great morning!!

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