Friday, March 21, 2014

P/T Interviews

March has been a busy month with report cards and parent-teacher interviews and I know we are all looking forward to spring break and a little repose.  Thank you all of the parents who were able to make it out to check in with me and the kids who joined them.  

Don't worry if you couldn't make it.  Instead here are a few comments or ideas that were shared with most kids:

  • Ask questions!  Don't be afraid to check in with me over homework or even tests to make sure you understand how to do the work.  I am also available on day 3 at lunch or any other time we plan together to go over anything you need.  
  • Keep organized!  Binders and lockers need some attention. 
  • Stay on top of your work and get it one on time.  It is a huge pain for us all if we have to catch or have missing work on your report card.  Every assignment counts!
  • Speak French!  You are all pretty good about speaking French with me but make sure to do it during class time and with each other.  Practice makes perfect!
  • Make sure your foldables, Mathletics, and science review books are done completely and consistently so you are prepared for tests and final exams.
  • Some kids struggle with exams so make sure to take the time to study the review work I give you, self-assess, use exambank, eat a good breakfast and get enough sleep.  Before you start any test take a deep breath and calm your nerves.  Jot down any important information you have memorized and get started.  ALWAYS ask for help if you aren't sure what the question is asking.  Never leave a question blank and never write any words in English.  You can ask me for synonyms or even to translate tricky words.
  • Important dates can be found on my online calenar.  If you have a google account you can easily add it to your own calendar. 
  • Keep up the good work!  You are all such a great group of kids and deserve praise for it.  

This just makes me smile.  Super dad!  Or is this Thor?
Either way he is right bout being a parent.  It is the most important job ever!

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