Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Here fishy fishy fishyyyyyyyy!

I have some new additions to my class aquarium!  Three big fish to join my tetras and guppies!  I had the kids submit ideas for naming them and narrowed it down to my favorites.  For the blue fish I loved the idea or 'Marley' or 'Bob Marley' because he is a very high-strung fish that needs to take the advice "Don't worry, about a thing!  Every little things gonna be alright!" - Three little birds is our class song too.

What are YOU lookin' at??!
For the angelfish I liked either Deb and Flo (The angelfish from Finding Nemo that thinks it's reflection is it's sister) or Fiesta and Samba!  So I decided the smaller one will be Flo (and thus Deb) and the other will be Fiesta!  Flo and Fiesta!  Love it!

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